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New book

A new and philosophical biography of Roman Ingarden written by Prof. Adam Węgrzecki (Cracow University of Economics) and MS Raphael Kur (Jagiellonian University) will be launched in 2015.

"O dziele literackim" ("The Literary Work of Art") translated into Italian

"O dziele literackim" ("The Literary Work of Art") is now translated into Italian. Project of the translation was supported by Fondazione Centro Studi Campostrini of Verona. The originator of the translation is Lidia Gasperoni. Details

"O dziele literackim" ("The Literary Work of Art") translated into Chinese

"O dziele literackim" ("The Literary Work of Art") is translated into Chinese. Project of the translation was supported by ©POLAND Translation Program offered by The Book Institute. The originator of the translation is professor Zhang Zhenhui. The book will be published by Henan University Press.

"Jornadas Ingardenianas 2009" at Universidad de Colima in Mexico

"Jornadas Ingardenianas 2009" conference took place at Universidad de Colima (Mexico) on 30-31 of March 2009. The conference was dedicated to Gerald Nyenhuis, translator of "The Literary Work of Art" ("La obra de arte literaria",México: Universidad Iberoamericana 1998) and "The Cognition of the Literary Work of Art" ("La comprehension de la obra de arte literaria", México: Universidad Iberoamericana 2005) into Spanish. The conference was arranged by dr. Gloria Vergara. You can find the the program of the conference here and the summary here.

New papers

Courtesy of prof. Arkadiusz Chrudzimski and dr. Adam Olech, we have published three new texts in the Papers section.

Work on the archives

One of the main aims of the Centre is to build archives of Ingarden's works and of texts about his philosophy. We are beginning now with over a dozen items (thanks to the help of, among others, prof. Włodzimierz Galewicz and Janusz Ingarden, the philosopher's son). We are interested in all of his works, the older ones as well. We would appreciate your help. For details, see the To authors section.

Work on the bibliography

Courtesy of dr Leszek Sosnowski, we have used the bibliography of Roman Ingarden's works developed until the year 2000, which we have updated and published in the Bibliography section. The same applies to the bibliography of the works about Roman Ingarden. On the website we publish a list of such items, starting from 1990 (the bibliography for the years 1990-2000 was developed by prof. Andrzej Nowak and dr Leszek Sosnowski). We will keep this list up-to-date. Earlier works were catalogued by Hans H. Rudnick and published in Analecta Husserliana as Ingardeniana II, Dordrecht-Boston-London: Kluwer 1990 (this bibliography contains 1186 items).

Fenomenologia dziś (Phenomenology today)

In the fourth quarter of 2006, a monographic edition of Principia will be published. It will be devoted to the condition of contemporary phenomenology. The volume will be a collection of articles written by persons who are engaged in phenomenology as well as by its critics. The authors will include: Paweł Dybel, Tadeusz Gadacz, Jan Hartman, Stanisław Judycki, Jan Krokos, Piotr Łaciak, Marek Maciejczak, Robert Piłat, Janusz Sidorek, Władysław Stróżewski, Andrzej Szahaj, Karol Tarnowski, Jan Woleński and Andrzej Zalewski. The editor of the volume is Marcin Waligóra.

Roman Ingarden – portrait by Witkacy (1937)

Roman Ingarden – portrait by Witkacy (1937)

(From the Ingarden Family archives)

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